Marriage Mistake

Have you ever felt that getting married was a mistake? Perhaps you married the wrong person? Perhaps you married too soon? Maybe this was your idea and not God's idea? You did not realize that they were like that. You didn't know they had that habit, or that their life would change so drastically later on and affect you as well. Maybe you thought this family would look differently once you got married. Welcome to Zecharias and Joseph's world!

Joseph had plans to marry a beautiful girl and to have beautiful children with her. He planned to marry a virgin. He planned to marry a woman without kids, or a "reputation". How about Zecharias. He had plans too. By this time, he had hoped to be a grandfather or maybe even a great- grandfather with an awesome family legacy! He had plans to be fertile and marry a woman who would bear him an heir - a son who would carry HIS name. But my how God disrupts our lives to bring His plans and His purposes.
You may not regret your marriage, but you may have some disappointments in who you married, the surrounding circumstances and how many kids or lack thereof you have at this time. It's almost understandable disappointment....from our perspective.

Look at how these two men reacted. Zecharias did not believe that anything miraculous could happen. God did not allow him to speak until the word from the angel was performed. Then he had to give that child the name John, not his family name, as he had hoped. Joseph on the other hand was perplexed. He needed to hear from the angel himself so God sent an angel to him. He also had a dream and God confirmed everything. I think it's because he believed. God will bring things to light in time for the believer. But he still had to endure the mocking, and comfort Mary in times of other people's doubt. What misunderstandings! These were illegitimate circumstances. They looked like sinners. They looked like liars. They look like idiots to those who could not comprehend God's mysterious plan.

If you are married,  you may be facing perplexing circumstances. No you do not have the exact set of issues as Joseph and Zecharias but it's hard to keep the faith.  Don't doubt that the God you took your vows before is able to reconcile and mend your marriage into a beautiful picture for His glory. You may be hurt, embarrassed or disappointed but God specializes in the miraculous.

Trust Him!

In your confusion, believe that He is with you as you go through this time. Whatever has happened has been allowed in order to shape you for what he has planned in the future. Remember to keep the right perspective. Marriage is SO daily. I mean, you can't really run away from your spouse. So trust God. Do what He has told you to do. You are only responsible to be obedient to His commands. Anything that happens after that He has allowed. Keep your eyes on Jesus. If you are not sure what to do ask him. The effectual fervent prayer of a righteous man availeth much. If God cannot go back on his own word, then he is trustworthy to do it. He will answer you. Stop asking other people and stay before God until the next step is clear. He is a revealer.

Even when what we call "mistakes" happen, that word is not in God's vocabulary. If you trust Him, even those will be for His glory. Jesus was not a mistake and Joseph (who had a choice) did not make a mistake by marrying his fiance. It's all in God's plan.

Luke 1-2, Jeremiah 29:11, Matthew 1-2

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  1. Beautiful post. Thanks for sharing!

  2. what a wonderful post! God Bless you both!!

  3. Great insights! Thanks for the Word shared, I pray it will take root in many and heal! Blessings on you and yours :)

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