Your breath stinks.

"Your breath stinks" he said. That's hard to hear from your husband, especially if you are feeling super cute, your hair is on point and you have on his favorite perfume. You are hoping that you get to do one of your favorite married activities with him and he totally kills the mood. I KNOW I am not alone!
I cried and cried. He hurt my feelings so bad. He is supposed to love & cherish me no matter what! But let's get real. Your breath stinks. That's a fact. That's real married life.

It's hard to even think about getting close when there is something like that between us. It is not the most pleasant thing to tell your spouse, but honesty is more important than tolerating something that is wrong.
So my question is, how come we can't take God's rebuke as his bride? Your sin stinks. He's just "keeping it real" with you right now. He kindly tells you that you need to brush, floss, swish and spit out that nastiness. Be hot or cold but that in between kills!

As followers of Christ, the most important thing we need to do is to stay close to Him! Sin is the ONLY thing that separates us. So go get that mess right. God is holy. He truly is as much a God of love as He is a God of wrath. We MUST be holy.

Fortunately for us, He is also a God of great mercy. We do not get what we deserve because Jesus paid the price for our sin. We have everything we need to be fresh before our King.

No man wants to cuddle up with the dragon breath wife. Every little sin is a problem. Every time we commit sin, we practically push God further and further away, until we repent. I know it hurts your feelings hun, but your sin sticks. Go wash up under the blood of Christ, floss away those hidden things that no one sees behind your smile. Swish yourself in the Spirit to make it harder for the enemy to attack and leave the mess at the alter. Right now please.

Your King is waiting.


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