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Good evening friends!

Everyone is resting quietly and my thoughts can flow much more freely. Our family is entering a new phase of interdependence on each other. With the passing of great-grandparents, grandparents and other relatives, I find myself drawing my immediate family inward, closer and safely around me. Death does not shake our foundation in the least for that is in Jesus Christ, our Lord. It does however, make me more contemplative and introspective. It makes the warrior within stand up and pay attention. It causes my spirit to recall that life is a vapor and therefore must be lived wisely and on purpose. This is our mission as a family.

We are given a great commission by our Lord, one of reconciliation as ministers of His Kingdom. Under His Lordship, others will be drawn by His cords of love into an everlasting relationship through the blood of Jesus. There is no greater reason for life than to lead others to their destiny of true love. Therefore, we live.


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