Be Patient

Have you ever been told to be patient? The person speaking is usually slightly annoyed right? Was it your parents? I have become my parents. I feel as though this is our daily mantra around the house. I'm trying to replace it, but it is quite difficult. "Boys be patient". "Stop interrupting and be patient". "Be patient with your brother". "Hold on. Wait a few minutes, ok?". I have come to the conclusion that one of two things is the case. Either I am not being patient enough or my kids are way to demanding - or maybe both!

Or perhaps you struggle with patience in your marriage. It can be tough to wait on those answers to your prayers. We may be tempted to get ahead of God and not consider our spouse in our decision-making at times. Impatience can make our relationships extremely frustrating! do you think God feels? He sees the end from the beginning, yet he waits for us to "get it". We are God's children and He has patience that makes no human sense. It is one of the reasons that Jesus has not yet returned. He is patient in waiting for folks to repent. Very patient! How amazing and truly merciful of Him! We are mere humans with such selfish tendencies and yet, God has amazing grace towards us.

The Bible tells us to let patience have her perfect work in us. There is a fruit of the spirit that can only be developed through this process - this one. Let it work. Don't always take the stance of "poor me". It's fruitless right? How horrible would it be if a farmer worked so hard during crop season, went through such a rough time to grow some plants that should bear fruit and ended up with nothing. Nothing to show for all his efforts. That is what it is like for us to complain through the hard seasons. We discover that it has not formed anything in us. We have no fruit in that season. God wants to use every single thing that we go through to make His name great and to get the glory that He is due.

So if God Himself shows such great patience to us, shouldn't we show patience with others? We can be patient with our children and with our spouse. We can be patient with co-workers and that person driving in front of us. We can be patient in the store and as we wait on the phone.

Remember, it's not about you, it is about what the Lord wants to form you into.

Be patient. Learn how to suffer long.


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