It's not an accident!

The other day, slowly driving down a residential street, my car spun out of control with my 2 boys in tow. All I could do was call in the name of Jesus - which I did. We slammed into a concrete block and were immobilized. Yes I was in shock but no, I did not panic. The boys thought it was cool.

When I tell you that I know the Lord protected us, I speak the truth!! First of all, there were no other cars close enough for me to hit on that busy street and the closest one was a firefighter who immediately stopped to help us. We had two wheels on the ground and two off, but we did not tip over. Secondly,  the police officer who lived in the house across from where it happened was there in less than a minute it seemed. I felt so relieved already.

No one was hurt, injured or in any pain at all. We could have been dead, BUT GOD!! This was no accident in His plan for the lives of me and my children. Whatever you may perceive as accidental is never that way with the Omnipotent, Omnicient Creator of mankind.

Some people get tired of me talking about Christ, giving testimony of His blessings in my life, but NEWSFLASH, theres no shutting me up. I cant help but share about His sacrifice, love and abundant favor He so generosity bestows on me. My life is no accident and neither is yours!

We were traveling in the opposite direction!
Damage: suspension, tire, passenger door, transmission, bodywork, paint, etc.. = $$$$$
Close-up view
Getting towed back onto the road. Thank you Lord!!


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  2. Safety is, indeed, of the Lord! I praise God for your victory and rejoice right with you! Amen. That is NO small thing...

  3. Absolutely Sharon. We felt his protection and know His supernatural provision as well.


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