When Sin Infects your Peace

Germs! I hate them. Yet they are everywhere. I am that girl that actually uses the little wipes they give you to cleanse the handles of your grocery shopping cart. Do you have any idea how many people have touched that??

If you could look through a microscope and see all the dangers around you, I bet you would want to curl up in a ball and live in a bubble. My first microbiology class for nursing school made us all squirm and itch. The germs are among us. Forget the five-second rule! You know that one that you claim when a bit of your favorite food falls on the bacteria-infested, feet-trodden surface that we call the floor? Yup....that rule.

The risks that we take breathing the same air on an elevator are unfathomable! I am especially leery of the folks that like to talk right. in. your. FACE, or those who may not wash their hands after they cover a sneeze. It's a scary world out here. We must beware!

Now...we could live in a bubble and in fear of every microscopic terror, or we could do the opposite and ignore the impending infections waiting to kill. OR....we could live life in a balance.

Sin is like that.

It is ever present because we are born into it. Adam and Eve, two imperfect people like ourselves were created with the inclination to disobey God. If we say that we have no germs.... I mean, never sin...then we lie. We deceive ourselves. (I John 1:10)

We cannot escape the fact that we are prone to sin because we are born with flesh. We cannot deny it, so we must be delivered from it.

As a nurse, I have seen germs at work in a body. They are sneaky critters that like to grow in dark, wet places as well as in plain sight like mold and fungus. All infections and infestations start small and seemingly insignificant, but eventually they make their presence known. Think about the word DIS-EASE. It removes comfort, rest and PEACE! The body is thrown into a cycle of war within. Your equilibrium is off. Your homeostasis is off-kilter. There is no rest until the substance that has entered is removed or annihilated.

Sin is a disease, but Jesus is the Cure!

When we are ill, we see a doctor right? The dis-ease is sometimes physical, sometimes mental or spiritual. Where there is a lack of peace, we can often diagnose sin. Our guilt will take a hold of our hearts and rip us apart from the inside out. Sin will destroy relationships with everyone you care about. It will make you look horrible and sick. It will not allow you to hold onto other things that are holy and righteous, you will abort them. Then it multiplies.

No one is safe with sin in their lives. It is a killer. The Bible tells us that the wages of sin is death, but the gift of God is eternal life. (Romans 6:23)

Unlike anything else, Jesus can make you completely whole, healed and at peace. Whatever turmoil you may be experiencing is nothing that the Great Physician has not seen before. Let him be your cure.


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