Even Me

The Bible says that I am supposed to be an Ambassador for Jesus Christ, a minister of reconciliation. That is the most scariest thing in the world to me. However, I like to be a little bold sometimes and therefore I was up for the challenge. So the best thing to do when you are afraid is to bring a friend or two. I began Wifestyle image Network with the intent of surrounding myself and networking with other women who will take on the bold and daring challenge to share the Gospel of Jesus Christ with others using the Titus 2 model. It was a risk as following Jesus Christ is, but I felt an urge in my spirit that I should be doing something more than what I was doing. Working as a nurse and sharing the gospel here and there was students was amazing, but there is always a tug in my spirit that I could be doing more. What about after work? What about before? What was I doing on my off days? Nothing. Nothing eternal anyway. I can no longer go with the thought of doing nothing for Jesus. 

Everyday I want to share the gospel with someone. I figured that the best way to do that was online. I could literally share the Gospel of Jesus Christ every day online for the rest of my life. So with that thought, I was motivated to begin. It didn't have to be much. I could just let people know my story. I could just let people know that Jesus loves them no matter where they are no matter what they were doing. God could change their lives in spite of their sin. Even them.

Ambassadors are foreigners and aliens and not from around here. Since I've been born again I am not from around here. This world is not my home until it makes it easier for me to approach others. I don't live here. I don't know your language. I don't know who you are. But let me tell you about my Jesus and how he has changed my life. Initially I thought I had to have more preparation, more training or even a process, but what I have come to realize is that if I just step out in obedience to God makes a process for me. You can't approach everyone the same way. There is no cookie-cutter way to share the gospel. The way to share the gospel is to be obedient. The way to win souls as to take them to the soul winner who is Christ himself. That means different people come to Jesus in different ways and we have to be willing and open to just be a vessel. I want to be God's vessel. I want to be his Ambassador. Sometimes when I'm sitting in church I feel an urge to pray for someone in particular. That's all I do. They may go to the altar or they may not. Sometimes when I'm at a restaurant I leave a tract for someone. Sometimes they respond and tell me how that blessed them. Other times they look at me so strangely and I'm sure they throw the trash in the trash. But my job is not to give results to God. My job is to give my life to God. Even me.

God so desperately loves so many people in this world and He is desperately looking for more laborers to go out into his field. We don't even know what we're going to be doing out there but He just wants us to go. Go sing. Go preach. Go share. Go be light in the darkness.

I have felt so ill equipped and that no one would want to hear from this church going, Bible carrying, gospel singing, honor roll student who was on fire for Jesus. No one gets excited for Jesus at a young age. No one goes up and down their bus and tells people about Jesus. No one cries in prayer for their friends in the seventh grade. Who does that? Surely only the Jesus Freaks. Freaks Like Me. Even me. Most people thought that I was proud and haughty and better than them. They did not know that I was crying out to God for them and that more than anything I wanted him to know the love of Jesus so that they would not be so depressed and scared and worried about their lives and where they would go when they died. Some people even thought our family was rich because we seem to always have on different clothes. They had no idea that we were very strapped financially and they God supplied our needs by those who gave to our family. We couldn't afford new stuff. But we were happy in Christ. People saw contentment on our faces and that we served Christ in spite of our circumstances. That blew their minds. God had chosen to bless our family in our obedience. Even us.

Your life may be so confusing and chaotic because you have long since neglected God's call to live and work for Him. Everyone has a desire deep down to be loved and cherished just as they are with their gifts, talents and skills. God created you just the way you are just for his purposes. He wants you.

God wants to take your "want to" and plant it in His field. Your life can yield an abundant harvest for His glory. He wants you. Even you.

Prayer: Lord, here I am, just as I am. Take me in my current state and use me for Your glory. I am yours. In Jesus name I pray, amen!

Action: As an Act of Faith and surrender, throw both of your hands in the air and pray this prayer again.


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