Weep with those who Weep

Weep with those who weep? I find it interesting that Jesus calls those who follow Him to enter into the emotions of others. Rejoice with those who do rejoice and weep with those who weep (Romans 12:15, kjv). Unlike many other deities that are worshiped, the Almighty God is personable and those who honor and obey Him are deeply touched with concerns of others and not just themselves.

To know that God has an emotional side is such a relief to me. I cannot imagine serving a God who has all power but remained untouchable and uncaring about me. As I read the Bible, I notice that in many instances, there are references to our five senses: touch, sight, smell, hearing and taste. Our whole neurologic system is made of motor and sensory functions. God designed us to experience life and really FEEL!

Entering into the sorrows and joys of others makes us more like God, who entered into our human-ness to know us and to love us.

At the tomb just after the resurrection, Mary hears the voice of her Lord calling her name. When Jesus rose from the dead, Jesus invites Thomas to touch the place where the nails in His hands had been. During this time, Jesus also ate and tasted a meal with His followers. In the Old Testament, can you imagine the smells of a thousand burnt offerings to the Lord? As He ascended, many saw Him and believed. God used the senses and emotion of our "human-ness" to meet us where we were. He also wants us to understand and apply the same thing with others around us.

Yes, knowing God is a spiritual thing, but it is also a physical thing. You can know God on every level and in every way. Taste and see that He is good (Psalms 34:8, kjv), then share Him with others!

Prayer: Lord, I want to know you and to be able to enter into the emotions of others so that I can share Your goodness with them.

Action: Ask the Lord to make you more aware of what those around you are experiencing and how you can point them to HIm.


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