How we Handled our Quarantined Teens

I think that my boys are enjoying all this time away from civilization. They have happily locked themselves in their rooms for hours at a time. They chat and text with their friends online and they eat like there is no tomorrow.

However, there are moments of sadness. They miss church. They miss "hanging out" with other teenagers. They are growing out of their favorite cool clothes, lol. There are also no girls here (aww shucks)!

So with the good and the bad times, we are taking this time to bond with our teenagers. Thankfully, neither of them has been sick at all. Glory to God! We are trying to maximize this time.

No one knows how much time you really have with your loved ones!
So we have had some very meaningful conversations. Just the other day over dinner, we were discussing what it meant for God and Jesus to be All-Powerful. We actually used scripture to come to the conclusion that Jesus was fully God and man and that He had all power all the time, while on earth and in…

Our Marriage in Quarantine

Hey friends! How are you holding up? Better is your marriage holding up? During this worldwide pandemic, we are facing an unprecedented challenge as a people. So, obviously, in the face of such surprise, tragedy, death and confusion, there is marriage tension. When we are told not to touch and to be careful not to spread disease, it affects relationships. Even though, we more than likely, live with our spouses, the tension is real even there. I cannot imagine how some of my nursing friends and other essential workers are coping with not living with their spouses at this time for their safety. I don't think I could do it really.

Even those of us who are at home daily with our spouses (and maybe with homeschooling children), there is tension still. We are all forced to grapple with how to do life under these circumstances. Some of us are loving the extra attention from our mate while others are annoyed. The boundaries are new and some are getting broken. Schedules are bec…

Marriage Routines??

You may be thinking to yourself "What on earth is a marriage routine?", and "What should be so routine about marriage anyway?". We are so glad that you asked.

One of the things that people so often complain about is that their marriage is routine and boring. Day in and day out is so redundant and similar to the day before.

However, we want you to explore the idea that things that become a habit seemed to last a bit longer. There are some things in your marriage that if put to practice on a regular basis can actually transform your relationship and give it more of longevity.

Have you ever noticed that older couples who have been together a long time often die very close to one another? They are so accustom to a daily routine together that life just does not seem possible to manage without their spouse.  We are not suggesting that you cannot live without your spouse or that life is bleak without another person, but having a marriage routine can often compliment your …

How to Stay Married for a DECADE

Ten years with one person is a long time these days. Statistics show that over fifty percent of U.S. marriages are lasting no more than seven years. That itch for divorce is real!

When we reached ten years, we celebrated with a very romantic trip to a secluded, privately owned cabin in Hocking Hills, Ohio. It was just the two of us. How did we get to that point? Well, let us share our How To's. This is by no means an all-inclusive list, but we think that there are some things that we will share, that other couples do not make a priority. So here goes...

1. Put God first. We have said it before and we will say it again. God authored marriage and He holds it together. You MUST pray regularly for yourself and your spouse daily.

2. Be kind. Politeness goes a long way in a marriage. Treat your spouse like you would a stranger and it makes a huge difference.

3. Give them the benefit of the doubt. Always assume that your spouse has your best interest at heart and never intend to hurt you…

A Call To Love

"For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life" (John 3:16, KJV).

A love that is patient, a love that is kind, a love that holds no record of wrong, a love that makes the impossible, possible; that love entered the world over 2000 years ago. As we prepare our hearts and minds to celebrate Christmas, we reflect on the magnitude of how we see God's love in his grace and mercy.  Looking to John 3:16, we rest our focus on the word love, a love reflected as a selfless sacrifice.

God's love led him to come to earth and to die on the cross, knowing that some may never even choose to love him back. The love displayed through Jesus Christ is not meant to be only be looked at but to strive for. Each day we are on this earth is an opportunity to be more like Jesus.

As we celebrate Christ in this season, we ought not to lose focus of our commitment to love. God has called us to love, and …

Decade of Thankfulness

This has been 10 years of gratitude with my husband and we are so thankful for where God has brought us from.

In 2009 we had a different car and our boys were not yet teenagers. In 2009 we had been married for 8 years and there was still so much growing to do. We knew before we were matried that God called us to serve Him together.

In these past 10 years, we have walked closer together towards God in ministry. Here is our walk through memory lane:


We began our online Bible study for couples in 2009 on Facebook. We would continue it for four and a half fruitful years.

Then, we celebrated our 10th wedding anniversary in 2011. In that year we finished 3 years of homeschooling and sent the boys to public school for the first time.

In 2012, we were speakers at a marriage conference and led a workshop together. God had begun opening doors for speaking engagements.

The Titus Ten book was birthed in 2013 and made the bestsellers list! Wifestyle Image Network also began…

Marriage of the Sexes

God has created each and every one of us
with a specific gender. We are created with the specific gender for a specific purpose. When we enter marriage, gender is of paramount importance.

A woman looking, acting and being female is God's design. A man who looks, acts and embraces masculinity is also God's design.
We are designed in a different way  physically for God's purposes and for our pleasure. Being male is for men and being female is for women. Embracing our separate roles can help our marriages to thrive.

 Have you ever notice that the more feminine a woman is the more attractive to a real man she becomes? The same goes for men. When they are truly masculine women are attracted to them.  God made us to be magnets for one another; magnets that are hard to very separate from one another.

 In marriage, we reach one of the major goals for why we were created. It says in the book of Genesis that one of our goals is to reproduce and to multiply (Genesis 1:27,28, KJV). T…